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Who we are?

Saqer Al Mualla Clinic, was started in 2005, with a great foundational vision of providing medical services to the people of UAE. We have always been pioneers in bringing internationally acclaimed techniques to our clinic, to offer Globally competent services.

We believe in hiring well experienced and highly qualified doctors, nurses and staff to offer best quality services. All our staffs are holding professional degrees in the related fields. All medical practitioners meet the standards of acquiring their licensing requirements from the Ministry of Health (U.A.E.), as it is extremely vital that we assure you professional treatment and gain the trust of our patients, who we always consider as family.

Situated in the heart of Sharjah surrounded by an alluring scene, providing a modern feel at home experience, Saqer Al Mualla clinic meets all the needs of your family. At Saqer Al Mualla Clinic we assure you that you are in safe hands.

Saqer Al Mualla is one of the esteemed clinics offering different specialties and varied services, such as Plastic Surgery and Reconstruction, Laser, Dermatology, Rejuvenation, General Practitioner, Hair Treatment, Regenerative Medicine etc.

We are one of the premiere medical centres in the UAE. Located in Buhairah Corniche Sharjah.

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